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On Monday, October 24th, Mount Calvary welcomed its first two guests through the Harvest Hosts program. Harvest Hosts is a network that connects thousands of RVers with small businesses, attractions, and even churches willing to allow RVs and campers a safe place to park overnight. Campers pay a membership fee to gain access to the program and are required to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity, water, and toilets. The church charges no fee to individuals utilizing our space, but the hope and expectation is that they might return the goodwill by making a donation, volunteering their time, or even just joining us for worship. Aside from a few small signs, and the volunteer time to review and approve requests for stays, there is no cost to the church to participate.

Monday evening saw two RVs in the back parking lot of Mount Calvary. One was travelling from Lancaster to Johnstown to visit friends. Another couple was travelling from Ohio and realized during the day that they were too tired to make it to their original planned destination; they said it was a blessing to find Mount Calvary as a Harvest Hosts participant.

We look forward to welcoming more visitors to our community through the Harvest Hosts program, and the ways that this opportunity might enrich our life as a congregation.

For more information about Harvest Hosts, visit:

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