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  • Bell Choir: Mount Calvary has a full set of bells and rings them for the glory of God intermittently throughout the year.
  • Brass Ensemble: Featuring in-house and guest brass players, this group plays for the glory of God at various junctures throughout the year, including the summer months.
  • Pick a Song: When faithful and appropriate, Mount Calvary mixes secular music into worship services. Tell the pastors about a song you think would be good to use and it will likely appear in a future worship service. To date every song suggestion has eventually ben used at some point in Mount Calvary’s worship life.
  • Praise Band: This ministry is on hiatus, but is just a member or two away from returning to its prior habit of playing and singing for the glory of God at one Saturday evening service a month.
  • Special Music: Having a variety of community connections, our director of music has invited various musicians from outside the congregation to perform and enliven our worship.
  • Share Your Gift: Our music director is quite adept at creating room for every kind of musical gift in Mount Calvary’s worship life.
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