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Over the weekend we became aware of our local bishop’s recommendation that in-person gatherings be suspended for a period of at least three weeks. After careful and respectful consideration, we have decided to continue our current schedule of in-person gatherings for worship and other purposes with existing safety standards remaining in place. We appreciate and affirm our synodical leaders’ compassionate concern for us and our neighbors and have not ruled out the cancellation of in-person gatherings in the future. But as of now the combination of local, medical counsel and our proven track record of implementing the best public health measures available without issue has left us comfortable with continuing as we have been for some time. As we have from the start, we encourage everyone to manage their health and that of others as they see fit. We continue to encourage those who wish to refrain from in-person gatherings to tend to their spiritual needs through our emails, letters, radio broadcasts, and Facebook videos.

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