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In the coming weeks, you may see Pastor Scott or Pastor Jonathan approaching folks during worship with one of these purple bags. They’re the latest tool put together by the evangelism team to help us be hospitable and welcoming to those who are new to our congregation.

The small bags contain a few small gifts and snacks from our church as a way of saying “thank you for worshipping with us today.” It’s doubtful that someone will choose to join our congregation simply because of a few trinkets, but it’s a simple way to allow us to say hello, and maybe help YOU to recognize first time visitors as well.

In Matthew 28, Jesus gives “The Great Commission,” as he tells the gathered disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” And as a church, that is our ongoing mission, not just to gather around word and sacrament, but to welcome others into that fellowship as well.

The Evangelism Team is tasked with focusing on the question of HOW we do that: not just being welcoming to those who come across our doorsteps, but also finding ways to invite people into our midst.

If the Evangelism Team sounds like something you’d be interested in, they meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Just ask one of the pastors for more information! And even if you’re NOT on the team, each of us can always find new ways to focus on inviting and welcoming new people to our church!

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