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We collected over 500 pairs of shoes at the Community Drop Off Event in three hours! Thank you for all of your support and contributions towards the YWCA’s daycare facility. 


We Need Shoes! We are collecting ALL types of gently worn, used and/or new shoes!

Mt. Calvary Lutheran is inviting you to participate in a shoe drive to raise money for a new lunch space at the YWCA’s daycare. All donated shoes will be redistributed to partners thru Funds2Org, a for-profit social enterprise used in developing nations to help people start their own business.

In the US alone, over 600 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year.  The materials used to manufacture a pair of shoes are created from chemical compounds that will create health hazards if left to disintergrate openly or in landfills.  By donating your gently worn, used and/or new shoes to Mt. Calvary Lutheran, your shoes are given a second chance to make a difference.

Please help Mt. Calvary Lutheran and make a difference by donating your shoes today!

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