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During the season of Lent and continuing through Easter, Mount Calvary’s Social Ministry Team used its “Giving Tree” to support the ELCA Good Gifts program.  ELCA Good Gifts are a creative, meaningful way to support the ministries of the ELCA throughout the world. Each of these programs is a long-term, partnership-based ministry that focus on the needs identified by local congregations and global companion churches and their communities.

Each week, a different theme was highlighted with opportunities to make gifts matching the costs of various projects within that theme. As of the end of the Easter weekend, $4,709 has been collected!

This includes:

  • 1 Cow
  • 4 Shares of a Cow
  • 5 Pigs
  • 6 Goats
  • 12 Bees
  • 16 Chicks
  • 1 Share of a Fish Farm
  • 14 Health Clinic Visits
  • 6 Vaccinations
  • 11 Stock a Health Clinic
  • 2 Mosquito Nets
  • 1 Hygiene Kit
  • 18 School Supplies
  • 8 Send a Girl to School
  • 1 Send a Woman to Farmer’s Field School
  • 2 Latrines
  • 3 Water Filters
  • 8 Fruit Trees
  • 1 Vegetable Garden
  • 3 Seeds and Gardening Tools
  • 14 Bibles
  • 3 Sunday School Startup Kits
  • 1 Small Business Loan
  • 4 Stock a Backpack with Food
  • 3 Feed 10 at a Soup Kitchen

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously! And for the social ministry team for giving us this fun and exciting opportunity to support Lutheran missionaries and the work they do all throughout the world!

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